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Toyota Drives High-Intent Customers

automotive marketing toyota dealership case study

Industry-leading location data

Toyota is no stranger to innovation which is why a partnership with Woobound to test our Cost Per Visit model was the perfect fit. The idea of this project was to drive more foot-traffic to their dealership to be tested. By leveraging industry-leading location data we targeted high-intent customers looking for a brand-new vehicle in the next 30 days.

Auto Dealership Location Solutions

By leveraging industry-leading technology your dealership can now drive in-store visits, so you can take the guesswork out while we optimize campaigns in real-time to drive customers visits.

As Toyota’s partner, we focused on identifying and reaching in-market shopping auto intenders to engage customers likely to be in the market for a new car and drive them to a nearby dealership in the market of our partner.

Advanced Location Audience data allowed Toyota to tap into visitation patterns over the last 90 days and create look-a-like audiences to reach the most relevant in-market intenders for Toyota.

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automotive marketing case study

The Results

As Toyota’s first campaign running with us, they were able to not only effectively target their desire audience but also see the effectiveness of their digital campaign in the real-world with true real in-store visits. The 3 month-long campaign resulted in over 1,200 visits to their dealership location, driving pre-qualified potential customers, with the majority of customers driven by Location-Based Audience targeting.

The campaign was simply to guide customers onto their dealership store, so our digital team optimized by targeting audiences more likely to visit the Toyota dealership in their market. We saw success with targeting customers In-Market for Auto, Park Lovers, and Car Renters.

1,200 Visits driven to their dealership

“Our campaign allowed us to have greater insight into how audiences in our market both consume and take physical action with our ads. Upon further review, the results showed interesting correlations between store performance and audience visitation. We feel that this effort helped to drive specific, targeted shoppers to our dealer locations.”

General Manager, Toyota

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